Prague has an excellent public transport network, consisting of various metro and tram lines, supplemented by a large bus network.
The Prague metro consists of three lines:

  1. The Green line (A)
  2. The Yellow line (B)
  3. The Red line (C)

Around 20 different tram lines run through the city, of which line 22 is the best known: it takes you on a nice tour through the New and Old Town, then crosses the river and drives through Mala Strana and stops right behind the Castle. You can easily access all of the tourist attractions with only the tram ticket!

The metro runs every day from around 5 a.m. to midnight. During peak hours, the metro runs every two to three minutes in Prague. During the weekend that goes up to between five and ten minutes. You’ll never have to wait long for a train to come.

Download a map of the Prague metro (Publication:


Around 20 different tram lines run through the city, of which line 22 is the best known: he makes an excellent tour through the New and Old City, then crosses the river and drives through Mala Strana, then stops behind the Castle. You can, therefore, view all highlights precisely - at local public transport prices!

A friendly alternative is to take the historic tram line 41. This tram runs through the centre of Prague on weekends from mid-April to mid-October.

As often in Prague, the costs are low. You pay CZK 35 (approximately E 1.40) for adults and CZK 20 (nearly E 0.80) for children up to 15 years of age. Are you disabled, pregnant or over 70? Then the ride will only cost you CZK 20 (around E 0.80).

The times of tram 41 in Prague are available on the public transport website in Prague.

No metro to & from the airport in Prague

From the airport to the city of Prague

Buy tickets for public transportation in Prague

If you already want to buy tickets for public transport in Prague, for example a day ticket, or if you want to go to the city by public transport from the airport, then buy 'transfer tickets' or tickets for public transport in Prague. You can buy this at an "Information Center".
You can find these Information Centers both at the airport and in Prague itself.

At the airport in Prague in Terminal 2 you walk, after possibly. to the left in the arrivals hall. On the right, just past the Vodafone kiosk, you will see an Information Center. There you buy tickets for public transport in Prague. You can also buy them in Prague yourself, for example at the Central Station. A complete list of locations of Information Centers can be found at

Below you can see an image of the Information Center in the arrival hall of Terminal 2 at the airport of Prague.

Also, read our page about public transportation from the airport to the city of Prague and back. 

Openbaar vervoer kaartjes kopen op de luchthaven van Praag - Terminal 2

Public transport tickets Prague

You can buy different types of tickets. The most common are a basic or a short term ticket. This ticket gives adults 90 or 30 minutes travel time within Prague for 32 CZK (around EUR 1.25). In Prague itself, you usually have enough for a 30-minute ticket (24 CZK, slightly less than a Euro), but you can also buy a card that is valid for 90 minutes (32 CZK, approximately € 1.25). 

Also, there are handy tickets for public transport that you can use to travel longer:

  • Valid for 24 hours / 1 day: 110 CZK (approximately € 4.40)
  • Valid for 72 hours / 3 days: 310 CZK (approximately € 12.10)

Below you can see a ticket with all possible tickets that you can buy for public transport in Prague.

Praag metro ticket

Necessary: Do not go black driving in Prague's public transport, as there are widespread checks, and certainly in the Prague metro. Especially at entrances and exits, tourists are mainly picked out because many do not know how the system works and take the chance. That will be an expensive bet when checking! And for the price of the ticket, you don't have to leave it at that.

How it works: In the Prague metro: once you have purchased a ticket, stamp it in the yellow stamping machines before you take the escalator to the platform. On the platform, you are supposed to have a stamped and therefore valid ticket! You can do the stamping on arrival on the bus or tram. Please note: Only on the bus, you can buy tickets. For both the tram and the metro, you must ensure that you can show a valid card.

Below you see a photo of an old machine where you can buy tickets with coins, a new ticket machine where you can also pay with your debit card and a picture on which you can see how you stamp in the yellow ticket machines. Pay attention to the arrows on your ticket that indicate in which direction you should stamp your public transport ticket.

Are you between 60 and 70 years old?
Then you can travel for free in Prague. To be eligible, visit a DPP point of sale or the information centre of DPP.

Take the following with you:

  • CZK 30 (approximately € 1.20)

  • A recent passport photo

  • Your passport

You will then receive a discount card from DPP with which you can travel for free within Prague. 

Are you 70+?
Then you can travel for free in Prague without a discount card from the DPP. You only need to ensure that you can identify yourself with your passport if you are asked to do so during a check.

Current changes, work and price information DPP
For current changes, work and further price information, see the Prague Public Transport website.

Prague Metro: Europe's longest escalator
Did you know that the 100-meter Námestí Míru metro station has the longest escalator in Europe? Especially don't look down when you enter the metro station. ;) On our Instagram account we have placed a photo of this escalator on which it takes about two minutes before you are up or down. And the escalator does not move slowly.

Apps for public transportation in Prague


If you often use public transport in Prague, the app of the Prague Public Transport is useful: DPP INFO.

This app is by far the easiest way to determine your itinerary and view the map of the metro, among others. The app works on your smartphone and is in English.

Please note: the app is purely informative and does not give the opportunity to purchase tickets. This sentence is available at almost all neighbourhood shops that sell cigarettes; at all metro stations; and in the yellow vending machines at busier tram stops. The new machines (recognizable by the LCD screen) also accept bank card payments, for the old machines you need coins.

Download DPP INFO for Android 2+ of iOS6+.

Sejf - buy tickets through an app

An alternative is the Sejf app. With this app, you first load a credit through your bank, after which you can purchase tickets.

About five minutes before you enter the means of transport, you then activate the desired ticket.

Download Sejf for Android of iOS.


Park your car in Prague

Most neighbourhoods in and around the centre of Prague have a strict parking policy. Most parking space on the street is for residents: the so-called "blue zones", recognisable by the blue lines around the sections.
The blue zones can be found in neighbourhoods 1, 2, 3 and 7 and are only for residents in possession of a parking permit. Never park in these spaces; clamping or towing is very regular! A moment to stop loading and unloading is possible, but make sure that someone always stays with the car.

You can park on the street in parking spaces that are indicated by a sign with a parking meter. You have to buy a parking ticket at the machines at these parking places. Depending on the location, this will cost you between 10 and 40 crowns per hour (0.38 - 1.52 EUR). Payment must always be during the day and depending on location also at night. In some areas, weekend parking is free.
There are also alternatives: you can park for free a little further from the centre, for example in Prague 10. There are also several parking garages in the city; have a look at the overview below. Count on amounts between EUR 30-40 per day.

Parking is also possible via
For 15-20 EUR per day, we have a limited number of places available, exclusively for visitors who have booked an apartment through!

Ask us about the options and availability.